Business Growth Through Strategic B2B Content

In B2B, every word and every visual must market. It must have a purpose and fulfill its function. Why? Because you want your business to grow. You need profits—not mere survival.

Yet for most businesses it's a struggle to see the world from their customer's perspective. They wonder why:

  • Website traffic isn't converting.
  • Offers aren't capturing emails.
  • Organic traffic never materializes.

Often it's a systemic issue within their B2B content. Almost all the information we need to transform the content may be there, yet it's not optimized for the customer. It's not creating an instant, "Yes! This looks like what I need," response.

This is why Writing4Market focuses on one thing—producing marketing materials with the highest possible potential for growing your business. We apply our wordsmithing skills so you experience:

  • A steady flow of leads into your sales funnel
  • A high rate of response to your lead nurturing campaigns
  • A loyal tribe who comes back to you repeatedly for solutions
  • A position as a thought leader and trusted source
  • A lasting impact in your niche

Our best-practice approach balances proven techniques with creativity. Why? Because statistics prove marketing materials must be:

  • Written with an engaging, conversational style. Corporate-speak doesn't build buying relationships;
  • Targeted to a specific purpose. It matters whether you're filling the sales funnel or trying to close the deal;
  • Addressed to needs. These factors drive buying decisions;
  • Written for decision-makers. They're holding the funds;
  • Organized effectively. Easy to follow also makes it easier to get excited about potential solutions;
  • Navigated easily. Who has time for complicated?
  • Illustrated appropriately. Graphics strengthen your message.

Quality in the eyes of your reader is everything. We're unwilling to miss this mark, because if your investment doesn't deliver returns, it's wasted. We hate waste.

What a blessing it is to have met Denise on Upwork. I had an ordeal going trying to find a dependable writer. I went through three in two weeks. Two flaked out (not returning emails), and the other's content was not up to par.

What I really wanted was someone I could work with long term. I had a client who needed copy written for their homepage for SEO purposes. I sent Denise the details.

She shared her strategy, which is to hit the main term no more than twice for a home page, and then to use related keywords for their LSI value. She said she'd learned about LSI in 2006 and knew back then that Google was going to give it more weight. That's proven correct in a big way!

I was impressed with her client questionnaire and her commitment to write content that doesn't feel like everyone else's out there. I hired her, and she delivered on multiple websites. As I said on Upwork back in February 2017, "She is a fantastic person and writer."

Xavier Vallhonrat

Founder, Microhound

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